Bride and groom sign bizarre wedding contract including monthly pizza and daily gym

A couple have signed a bizarre pre-nuptial agreement at their wedding stipulating what they can and can’t do.

Bride Shanti and groom Mintu signed on the dotted line in a ‘romantic’ pledge to stick to just one pizza per month and go to the gym every day.

Other requirements in the contract included having to take a good picture at every party, shopping after every 15 days and partying late but only with each other.

The couple tied the knot in Assam, India, on July 9 with footage showing the pair putting their names on the dotted line.

In the video, the newlyweds place their pens on a huge piece of cardboard with the word ‘contract’ written at the top.

Other terms stated that they will always say yes to a traditional Indian dish called ghar ka khana. They also pledged to wear a saree every day and have Sunday morning breakfast tum banaogay.

A man standing behind the couple can be seen clapping as the pair jot down their signatures in front of witnesses, who also put down their names.

It has been said that the bride created the contract but the couple smiled as they both agreed.

The giant contract is even decorated in a wedding-like theme with blue flowers printed in the corners.

Shanti and Mintu are seen leaning over the enormous piece of paper in their wedding attire among wedding guests.

Prenuptial agreements are not legal in India where the law does not consider marriage as a contract, but some business families still draw one.

It is intended to offer clarity to the wife on what she would receive in case of a divorce.

But in Shanti and Mintu’s case, the contract appeared to be an agreement between the pair regarding diet, lifestyle and attire.

Other unusual prenuptial agreements were revealed by US lawyers working in the industry.

One request was for a clause that said their husband’s weight “should not exceed 180 pounds and if it does, he must pay the wife £5,000 for every additional pound annually until back to target weight.”

Another said that the wife must lose all her baby weight in 10 months after having giving birth on schedule.

While a third stipulated that they must have sex at least three times per week.

Similarly to Shanti and Mintu’s approach, another couple agreed to limit one Sunday night football game per month for the husband and one season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette per year for the wife.

While another brought their in-laws into the fold, agreeing that they must live at least five miles away and visit only once per month.

The strange clauses were revealed by lawyers in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.