Woman gets her own back on her ex with mischievous Amazon phone call prank

Whether we like to admit it or not, break-ups can sometimes be very tricky to overcome – and often result in a long road to recovery.

Some cheeky people out there, even debate the possibility of getting their own back on those that broke their heart.

Sarah Lupica got her own back on her ex-boyfriend after taking things into her own hands.

The TikTok star put on her creative thinking cap and called up her ex-partner as she posed as popular retailer Amazon.

Putting a lot of thought into the mischievous prank, Sarah prepped Google translate to speak pre-prepared messages that she played whilst on call.

“Hello Connor Hughes, this is Amazon calling to confirm your purchase of preparation haemorrhoid relief ointment,” the voice said.

“To confirm this order, say confirm – to cancel this order, say cancel.”

Obviously confused by the ordeal, the unnamed ex hurried to quickly say “cancel” – but the woman behind the camera had other mischievous ideas.

“I heard you say confirm, is that correct?” The voice asked.

Connor said: “No! Cancel.”

“Thank you so much for confirming your order of preparation h haemorrhoid relief ointment,” The voice added.

“To update your shipping address or to speak with a consultant, please press one now.”

At the other end of the phone, you could hear the sound of Connor clicking a button on the phone in an attempt to speak with an Amazon consultant.

Sarah quickly changed tabs on her laptop to play the sound of fake ringing tones – a feature which she found on YouTube.

“Due to the unexpected high volume of calls – the wait time is currently 50,” the voice explained.

“Please enjoy our specially selected hold line music…”

At a quick click of her fingers, Sarah then proceeded to play the song I Don’t F*** With You by Big Sean.

Clearly appalled, Connor uttered a confused, “What?”

TikTok users found the video hilarious – and several took to the comment section to gush over Sarah’s niche idea.

“Bro was appalled,” one user joked.

A second penned: “IM DEAD AT THE “what” WHEN THE SONG PLAYED.”

Another added: “wow she really put in effort.”

“LMAOOOO THIS MADE MY NIGHT,” a fourth commented.